Matt Powers is writer for ClickHole. His work has appeared on The Onion, Adult Swim, and other places that are good. He has been asked several times but refuses to leave your driveway.


Common Misconceptions Of Common Misconceptions

  1. Eight spiders eat you in your sleep each year
  2. Humans only use 10% of their spleens
  3. It takes seven billion years to completely digest gum
  4. When you shave, it grows back twice as Rick
  5. In Australia, water drains counter-clockwise because God does not exist
  6. Camel humps are full of Diet Raspberry Nestea
  7. Men have sex every seven seconds
  8. Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis, immediately followed by Dengue Fever  
  9. Scholars in medieval times thought the Earth was a truncated tetrahedron
  10. The Great Wall Of China is visible from the Valley Park, Missouri Denny’s on Prospect next to the Talbots